Thursday, 2 June 2011

Yes we do tend to...

I know that dads can tend to ramble on and in my blog I intend to not ramble on to much (despite the title of the blog). Hopefully you will find my blog, entertaining, informative, encouraging and can get something from it.

The last couple of weeks in life have been very interesting indeed. I have learnt a great deal of respect for those that care for sick people/family members. Particularly those caring for people with a chronic illness. My wife, Andrea, ended up with Pneumonia which meant that I needed to take time off work and pick up the roles of Mum, Dad, Taxi, support, homework helper, toy playing, back pounder, tea maker etc. whilst in the back of the mind I still had all those normal things that I would do calling out to me.

Our eldest son, Thomas, has high functioning autism and this change in our daily routine has made life even more interesting. Any change can be a challenge so mummy not being able to do what she normally does just threw things right out of kilt.

Eli, being a typical 3 year old boy has had his ups and downs too and is liking that he can challenge authority now (well at least he likes to think he can anyway).

Anyhow, thats enough rambling for one night. I have a relaxing weekend to look forward to. T & E get to go to Mum and Dad's and we will get a chance to recuperate!