Thursday, 27 June 2013

Magnificent Machines in Motion

Email can be such a fickle medium. Sometimes you receive good news, other times not so good. There are usually a lot of requests for things to be done (they are the ones I get at work) and even more wanting your money (buy me, sponsor me, give me all that you've got!). And don't even dare get me started on the S word (S*pam!!). But every now and then a little gem comes along. 

This one was forwarded to me by my Auntie Maz. Thanks Maz!!!

As you probably already know, I love cars and anything to do with vehicles in motion and there are some really interesting ones in this bunch - Buses, Bicycles, you name it. There are quite a few which I dare say have inspired some of the creations on Top Gear. See if you can name any of them... Or perhaps make up some names of your own